Customer Engagement Model

The fundamental idea deeply bedded in any brand is – engaged customers are providential customers. It's one of the keys to erecting long-term client cooperation. But how does a company start to evolve, execute, refine, and grow customer engagement? The answer is plain – by applying a customer engagement model.


Stages of Customer Engagement

Although every customer experiences a different customer journey when interacting with a brand, most go through the same stages:








Conversion & Growth


How to make a Customer Engagement Model

The aim of a customer engagement model is to support a brand understanding of what routed the client to make the buying decision, what his motifs were, and who was concerned in his journey. In essence, it's the procedure by which companies manage client connections throughout the gentleness of their customer journey.
Every customer engagement model must include

  • Onboarding

    This is concentrated on creating new guests and getting as numerous visitors as possible and creating appreciative image in the minds of the client.

  • Retaining

    This is concentrated on keeping guests or engaged visitors.


Getting the Maximum Out of Any Business or Company.

Although every company has distinct business pretensions, then's a sample customer engagement model you can use and qualify for your company

  • Outreach

    In the outreach stage, concentrate on knowing your followership and their specific requirements. Once this is done, try to distinguish implicit market outreach approaches and execute campaigns to grease this goal. Use audits to find out about their requirements, and try to involve them on webinars and internet forums to have their assiduity more.

  • Acquisition

    In the Acquisition stage, concentrate on the ‘why’ – why would a client need to do business with you? Help break his problems and you’ll be on the accurate track. Try to expect their questions already, and release content and other audio-visual multimedia to support you.

  • Get in Touch

    In this stage, concentrate on the whole procedure of interacting with the converted lead and how to casual engage him during this procedure.

  • Maintain

    In this stage, concentrate on maintaining the client association and how to keep them interested in your brand. Appoint an account director/ customer relationship director and keep streamlined with the recent growth about the projects.

  • Grow and Nurture

    In this stage, concentrate on cultivating the relationship between the brand and client, and how to promote it into a commodity the client remembers in the moment to come. Write them admiration emails, letters, cards, and offer impulses to peak their interest.

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